Who Are Famous Vegetarians


When choosing to become a vegetarian, like any other decision in life, its always an easier transition if you know of other people that have done the same thing – people you might look up to or want to emulate in certain ways. Following are 6 people who might be considered good examples of healthy vegetarians with seemingly balanced lifestyles. These celebrities are famous vegetarians that you’ve most likely heard of and who have made a positive impact in the vegetarian world.


Jack Lalanne

How can anyone ask “who are famous vegetarians?” without thinking about the late Jack Lalanne? He just recently passed away in 2011 at the healthy and active age of 97. He was a pioneer in health and fitness spanning generations. A fitness center and many health products were developed by and named after Lalanne who certainly knew how to eat and live well. He adopted his own specialized vegetarian diet dubbed “vegaquarian”. He allowed fish and egg whites into his diet in order to obtain the protein necessary for his lifestyle but still steered clear of dairy products and all other meat. He was a prime example of how you can still build muscle while remaining vegetarian.

Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell became a vegetarian because of her love for animals. She’s stated that she is unable to disassociate the animals she plays with from the animals on her plate – an often heard motivating factor for vegetarians. Kristen Bell would gladly choose Brussels sprouts over a steak any day and is living a visibly healthy lifestyle as a result.

Shania Twain

Country singer Shania Twain won’t eat meat, fish or eggs and actually prefers tofu. She stopped eating meat after marrying long time vegetarian Mutt Lange almost 20 years ago, and says she has more energy than ever because of it.


Alicia Silverstone

Often referred to as the poster child for Vegans in the celebrity world, Alicia Silverstone has been a great role model for the lifestyle choice. Though you probably know her best from the movie Clueless, she has since grown up and is making an effort to live a healthy lifestyle and to share her knowledge with others. In fact, in 2010 Silverstone wrote a book all about veganism and even included vegan recipes. She also runs a website dedicated to answering questions about veganism and how to live a Vegan lifestyle. Silverstone is one of the celebrities most committed to the promotion of healthy food choices..

Alanis Morisette

Alanis Morisette may be known for her angst-filled music of the 1990’s but now-a-days she has switched gears and is dedicated to living a vegan lifestyle. She first started eating vegan when she was trying to lose weight but in addition to losing her desired weight she felt a new energy that she described as akin to having the energy of a teenager. She’s been a committed Vegan ever since.

Ellen DeGeneres

When asking “who are famous vegetarians?”, you might be surprised to hear Ellen DeGeneres’s name but she’s a committed vegan. She has sworn off all meat and dairy products, and even served a vegan cake at her wedding to Portia De Rossi. DeGeneres may be a comedian but when it comes to her health she takes it very seriously. She’s a great role model and example of just how energetic and vibrant you can be when you think about what you eat – and eat well.






Beau Giannini
Beau Giannini