What Diet Is Rush Limbaugh On 2009


What’s the secret behind Rush Limbaugh’s fabulous weight loss? After Oprah, the radio talk-show host and conservative political commentator is America’s new diet star, having lost about 90 lbs in 2009, and looking great.

He credits his amazing results to South Florida’s Quick Weight Loss Centers, that became popular almost overnight thanks to his success story. Located throughout southern Florida, Quick Weight Loss Centers offer personalized weight loss counseling, including a full line of multivitamins, drinks, supplements, and an online cookbook. They also offer a six-week online program that you can follow from your own home, even if you don’t live in Florida.

Keep reading to find out more about which diet helped Rush Limbaugh shed his excess weight in such a short time!

How did he do it?

According to Rush Limbaugh, he simply started limiting his calorie intake, and at the same time stopped counting calories. How is that possible?

The popular radio host revealed some of his diet secrets that you can incorporate in your weight loss program:

  • Reduce the caloric intake to approximately 1500 calories per day.
  • Carefully combine foods;  for example, do not mix different types of protein in the same meal.
  • Eat “real” food. Cook your meals from fresh ingredients and do not rely on store-bought, packaged, frozen meals. Learn to cook!
  • Choose fish as your preferred protein source – it’s lean and healthy.
  • Give up sugar and alcohol. Not only are they full of empty calories, they are also detrimental for your metabolism and can trigger insulin resistance, which will greatly slow down the weight loss process.
  • Avoid fried foods and refined starches, such as white flour, pasta, breads, etc.

You can expect to lose three to seven pounds a week while following the Quick Weight Loss Center diets, just as Rush Limbaugh did.

What the diet experts say

Jonny Bowden, Ph.D, board-certified nutrition specialist and “That’s Fit” contributor, commented: “Fifteen-hundred well-chosen calories could make for a pretty damn good diet.” He also says that “The concept of a balanced and lower-calorie diet is hard to argue with. You can get a lot of food if you take out the starches and focus on lots of vegetables, protein, fat, fiber and nuts.”

Bowden is a bit skeptical about the quick results: “The more dramatic the weight loss,” he says, “the less chance there is of keeping it off.”

Most diet experts agree that losing more than one to two pounds per week is too much, and your results will be very difficult to maintain.

Dr. Marie Savard, “Good Morning America” medical contributor, said: “This diet is really no different than any other quick weight loss diets. To lose that much weight you need to severely cut your calories.”

Critical of this extreme regime, she also commented that “Sustainability is the ultimate bottom line. You can’t do it with that type of diet. What is key and is missing is exercise. He admits that he golfs, but otherwise does not exercise. That’s the foundation. It builds muscle mass. That’s what works. It’s kind of a lifestyle pill that we don’t want to swallow.”


The Rush Limbaugh diet plan was created by Florida-based Quick Weight Loss Centers. It is fairly restrictive (in terms of calories and foods that you can eat), but can help you lose weight quickly with its low-calorie and highly structured eating plan.

This diet falls in the category of similar weight loss plans that promise to take off a lot of weight in a short amount of time, at the risk of gaining it all back once you stop the program. If you have strong will power and are very determined to drop your excess weight, give this plan a chance – its best results can be seen if you follow it closely!

If you don’t feel ready to join this stringent diet plan, or if you’d rather not take supplements, try incorporating some of its best diet tips into a natural, long-term weight loss strategy: eat less calories, cut out all alcohol and sugar, rely on lean protein.


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Beau Giannini
Beau Giannini