Vente Fruit Confits – A Healthy Treat for Fruit Lovers

‘Vente’ in French means Sale and ‘Confit’ means ‘to preserve’. Vente Fruits confits are the result of an old art form practiced for preserving and candying  fruit. These are basically small pieces of fruits preserved in sugar, which are sold in the form of candies, jellies and other tasty delights.

History of Candied Fruits

Candied or preserved fruits were introduced in France around the 15th century. Nostradamus – the Famous French Apothecary and Spiritualist was the first to suggest the idea of conserving fruits in sugar.

In 1555, Nostradamus wrote the remarkable book on candy-making “Treatise on Beauty Secrets and Preserves”. The book gave detailed descriptions on preserving small lemons and oranges with sugar, preparing sugar syrups, dry preserves and so on. This was a new and unique proposition and people started savoring fruits preserved in this form.

Fruit confits need to be made with great care – the fruits must be slowly penetrated with sugar, in such a way that its color, form and taste remain unchanged. The French tradition of preserving fruits has come a long way, and has spread from the Mediterranean region to the entire world.

The Making of Vente Fruit Confits

To prepare fruit confits, one needs to take fully ripened, mature fruits and cut them into small pieces. However certain fruits such as prunes, cherries etc can be used as a whole. The reason why smaller pieces are preferred is because during the preservation process, each part of the fruit must be completely infused with sugar, and this is easily accomplished when the pieces used are tiny. Whole large fruit confits are rarely available and are also quite expensive.

The process of making a fruit confit involves treating the food with an additive such as sugar, to prevent the food from going rancid. Preservation involves retarding the oxidation process and checking the growth of fungi, yeast and bacteria, in a way that the fruit’s nutritional value, taste and quality are retained.

Types of Fruit Confits

Fruits can be preserved in various forms, and then stored in cans, pouches or bottles for later use. Fruit confits or preserves are made all over the world in different ways:

  • Jelly is a popular fruit confit wherein the pulp of the fruit is mixed with sugar and pectin.
  • Marmalade is another variety that is made by boiling oranges and sugar. It offers a healthy and tangy treat for the palate.
  • Fruit butter is a sweet spread that involves cooking fruit pieces until it forms a paste, and is then mixed with sugar.
  • Jellied Syrup is made from small, whole fruits that are cooked in clear, thick, slightly jellied sugar syrup

Vente fruit confits offer a truly exotic experience for fruit lovers – they come in different varieties and are packed in beautiful boxes making them a healthy gift option as well.


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Beau Giannini
Beau Giannini