Vegan Weight Loss Core Plan

Want better abs? A vegan diet can help!

Vegan diets have been proven to aid in weight loss, and help dieters keep the weight off once the diet is over. Eating a variety of healthy foods and restricting caloric intake will result in overall weight loss, but targeting the abdominal area requires a good plan for core exercise as well. For this goal, a vegan weight loss core plan is necessary. Why a Vegan Diet?

All the nutrients required by the human body can be found in fruits, vegetable, whole grains, and nuts. Although meat can be a good source of iron, that iron comes wrapped in saturated fat, which can lead to high cholesterol and weight gain. Meat is calorie-dense, which means there isn’t a lot of room for it in a calorie-restricted diet, and choosing to eat it means you may not have enough calories left in your diet plan to consume all the nutrients you need to be healthy. Look for organic vegan snacks when you experience cravings rather than meat or “junk food.”

Vegan Weight Loss Core Plan: Diet
As long as you stay within the calorie count of your diet, which will differ depending on your eating habits prior to the diet and your weight loss needs, you should be able to lose weight. For people who were previously eating around 2000 calories a day, a 1500 calorie diet will result in a weight loss of about a pound per week. Those who ate significantly more are not advised to cut calories so drastically. Getting 3 servings each of fruits and vegetables per day, along with 6 servings of grains and about 6 oz of protein, will help you remain healthy while you lose the weight.

Vegan Weight Loss Core Plan: Exercises for Abdominal Weight Loss
The abdomen is usually one of the last body areas to show improvement when weight is lost through diet alone, but a dedicated routine of core exercises can help shed stomach weight faster. Pilates is a system of movements designed to strengthen the core. Doing Pilates on a regular basis can improve posture and reduce back pain, and it can also produce very attractive abs. You can do Pilates by taking a class or purchasing a Pilates DVD.

Yoga is a complete health and wellness system, and yoga classes are becoming more and more popular for keeping your mind, body, and spirit healthy. Many yoga poses stretch and tone the muscles, including the abs, and you’ll find that regular yoga exercises will reduce stress and help you reach your weight loss goals.

Using a stability ball will aid in stomach fat loss; these balls are not expensive and it is easy to find exercises that will put them to good use. One good exercise is to simply do regular sit-ups while sitting on the ball, keeping your feet firmly on the floor. This really increases the intensity of the sit-up. The plank position, if held properly, is a great workout for the lower abdominals. If you put your lower legs on the stability ball and your hands on the floor while holding the plank position you will increase the effect of the exercise.

Beau Giannini
Beau Giannini