Quality Vegan Cosmetics

Ever wonder what the Vegan has to go through to set up her (or his) cosmetic bag?  It isn’t as easy as one would think.  Not all “Natural”

Cosmetics are Vegan cosmetics:  You have to be sure to read the labels once, twice, even three times, to be certain, if you’re serious about not including any animal products in your bag.

First, let’s consider the tools of the trade.  Brushes for hair and makeup should always contain ingredients – it’s a law.  Many brushes are made with horse hair, boar bristles, even chinchilla!  If you’re not sure – ask!  The substitutes for these animal based products work every bit as well as animal products.

Next, read the bottles, please.  Remember that just because it’s labeled Vegan, doesn’t mean it is.  Following are some examples of animal products you may not be aware of that can be in “Natural” or Organic” makeup’s but are, nonetheless, non vegan.

Silk. Didn’t think of that?  Silk is a byproduct of the silkworm, therefore, not Vegan.  The same holds true for Beeswax, obviously.

Propolis is another ingredient made in the beehive.

Lanolin is actually made from sheep’s glands that produce their wool.

Elastin is a protein often taken from animal embryos.

Hyaluronic Acid – This is a substance found in all connective tissue.  It is made from the connective tissues of animals to put on our skin or take as a supplement for joint health.

Lactalbumin – this is found in Whey, a milk byproduct.

Squaline – often made from Sharks Liver.

Propylparaben – this is usually made from an extract coming from insects.

Tallow – Tallow is rendered from animal fat, usually from Cows or Pigs.

Carmine - Another name for crushed insects (ugh!). Anything colored red is usually not going to be Vegan because it uses insect derived colors.

Milk Products – we of course know what they are and where they come from.

Authentic Vegan Cosmetics

Vegan people go to great lengths to label their products as Cruelty Free or Animal Friendly.  If you want to be sure about this or any ingredient, go to the manufacturer’s website. They will reveal their stance on Animal Cruelty and list all the ingredients in their products.

Here are some companies that offer all or, at least many, Vegan products:

Alison Raffaele, Urban Decay, Everyday Minerals, Bonnie Bell, Bare Minerals, Aveda, MAC, Beauty Without Cruelty, Ecco Bella, Zuzu Luxe, Halel, Valana Minerals, Pink Quartz Minerals, Arbonne, Origins, Zia, and Aromaleigh to name a few of the more popular brands.

Companies choose to use Vegan Cosmetics primarily because they care about the welfare of animals but these companies are also usually making a high grade non-toxic brand, which can be better for your skin than all the animal additives.  They are usually environmentally friendly as well.


Each Cosmetic Brand listed above has its own distinct website whereby I gathered the information for this article.

Beau Giannini
Beau Giannini