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Jennifer Hudson is an American Idol finalist, Grammy Award winning singer and Oscar-winning actress for her role in Dreamgirls, also starring Beyonce Knowles. She started her career as a curvaceous woman – her fans didn’t mind her weight since it complemented perfectly her very powerful voice.

At one point in her life, Jennifer decided she wanted to get fitter and healthier and feel more empowered, and she reached her goal: she recently revealed on Oprah that she has lost about 80lbs with exercise and a controlled diet, dropping from a size 16 to a size 6. At the Oscars ceremony, she turned heads looking gorgeous as ever but slimmer than ever in a bright orange Versace gown.

How did she do it? Read on if you want to find out more about the Jennifer Hudson diet and what she does ongoing to keep her radiance and shape.

Losing weight learning new healthy eating habits

Jennifer Hudson’s diet is based on the Zone Diet, one of the most popular diets among Hollywood celebrities and dieters around the world. The typical meal plan should include a combination of carbohydrates (40%), proteins (30%) and fats (30%) aimed at maintaining a good metabolism. Calorie intake is reduced using portion control, so she can enjoy all her favorite foods in moderation, making healthy choices.

The two most important guidelines for the Jennifer Hudson diet are:

Eat healthy and light. Plan your meals following a well-balanced diet that includes all the necessary nutrients:  carbohydrates, lean protein, and fiber. Cut out from your diet food that is high in saturated fat, such as fried food.

Reduce your food intake applying portion control. A portion of food should be no larger than the size of your palm; this tip alone can save you a lot of unnecessary calories each day.

Don’t starve yourself: Jennifer Hudson chooses healthy snacks to keep her metabolism running between meals; for example, almonds are a good way to satisfy your sweet tooth while eating healthy nutrients. Her healthy diet food list includes: salads made with dark greens, fish, chicken breasts and brown rice.

Get that body moving!

Jennifer Hudson achieved her strong, toned body combining a healthy diet with an effective workout plan, designed by her fitness instructor Harley Pasternak. Her routine includes exercises that she can do on the road: push-ups, squats, abs, and of course running. While her diet is certainly responsible for her weight loss, her change in lifestyle – including exercise – has made a long-lasting difference.

One good tip from Jennifer’s personal trainer: break up your workout. Dividing your daily exercise routine in smaller chunks makes it easier to stick to it, and allows you to easily fit it into your busy schedule. Getting in shape is actually quite simple! It’s not just about what you do in the gym, it’s about being physically active throughout the day.

Long-term commitment

Jennifer Hudson is now a testimonial for the Weight Watchers program. Her commitment to long-term healthy eating habits and a new lifestyle is an inspiration for women who want to get fit and drop the excess weight.

For Jennifer, it was all about feeling good and being healthy, not fitting into a certain dress size.


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Beau Giannini
Beau Giannini