Gift Fruit Specialty


A popular gift fruit specialty is the fruit basket, typically hand-delivered to the recipient at their home or office. These fruit basket gifts often include a theme, such as Christmas, birthday, congratulations or sympathy. Fruits commonly found in specialty gift baskets include apples, bananas, grapes, oranges, pears, cherries, pineapples and strawberries. More exotic fruits can be found in gourmet gift baskets.

Home-Made Fruit Baskets

While a purchased gift fruit specialty basket can make a tasty gift for any occasion, a home-made gift basket shows that special, extra touch and can be an easy, fun project for a creative individual or family.

Step One: Purchase delicious, organic fruit in a wide array of colors. Try to find as much variety as possible, including popular, common favorites as well as nontraditional fruits. Keep in mind shelf life with an eye on expiration dates so the recipient has time to eat the fruit that is gifted.

Step Two: Find a basket appropriately-sized for your fruit arrangement. Traditionally, these are wicker baskets, but feel free to be creative. Many home and garden stores, as well as the neighborhood discount stores, will have a variety of baskets for sale. Its always better to find a small container that can be fully filled with fruit rather than a larger, empty-looking basket.

Step Three: Add straw or wood clippings in the bottom of the basket. This will not only give it an extra attractive touch, but it will give height to the fruit inside so that the recipient can see the full contents. Arrange the fruit in the basket, placing the larger, heavier pieces on the bottom and the smaller, lighter fruit in the spaces between. Keep color and shape in mind to create the most attractive presentation.

Step Four: Add paper or plastic gift wrapping to your fruit basket. Heat-sealable wrapping can be purchased in order to protect and keep fruit fresh, and a regular home hair dryer can be used to seal the plastic once the arrangement has been completed. Always though try to keep your gifts eco-friendly. Avoid plastic if at all possible.

Step Five: Add bows, ribbons and cards to the exterior of the fruit gift basket for that special final touch..


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Beau Giannini
Beau Giannini