English Vegans

English vegans are similar to vegans everywhere else.  They’ve chosen their diet because of their own personal moral convictions or for health reasons, or both. The UK popular media has long protested the cruel treatment of animals, while at the same time fighting for the use of environmental pollutants.  There are also many Hindus and Muslims living in the UK who, for religious reasons, don’t eat animal products. It isn’t an easy effort as many substances in cosmetics, drugs, and vitamins are of animal origin or are produced with various animal products.  Some Diabetic medications utilize pork in their ingredients; medications often utilize gelatin which is made from animal bones.

Veganism is Gaining Popularity in the UK

Vegans in England appear to have growing support in their country. There is a “Vegan Society” which the government contributes to, that supports Animal Rights and Veganism.  The society itself is an educational charity whose mission is to help individuals become vegan through various educational materials distributed free of charge in classes and on the website. There is far more information readily available in the UK than in the USA, and their monthly posts reach a lot of people throughout the country.

The abundant information on the web offers healthful suggestions and allows those with similar lifestyles to meet and learn about each other.  People from around the world use Vegan Society to communicate their desire for healthy eating and share their love of animals and nature with other like-minded people. They exchange stories, news articles, ideas and recipes.

“Vegan Quebec” was created in Canada in 2001 for the same purpose. It supports people and makes it easier for them to become free of animal products, through education, web material and monthly newsletters.

Celebrity Activists

The internet contains many alphabetical listings of vegans in England and others locations who are famous for public support of a vegan lifestyle.  Some of these people twitter and blog regularly, which encourages fans to look into this “animal free” way of life.  Some notable and vocal celebrities are Chris Martin from the band “Coldplay” as well as his actress wife Gywnneth Paltrow. James and Kerry McCartney – children of the famous Beetle Paul McCartney, guitarists Ricky Wilson and Geezer Butler, musician Phil Collins, Gary Judd, Horticulturalist Robert Hart and many others.  On Wikipedia alone, there are 50+ pages of “English Vegans”. There are also internet articles about famous vegans in history from all cultures of the world, along with thousands of vegan diet books, recipes books and lifestyle books including the interesting read “Olympic Medals through the Vegan Diet,” by Olympic Medalist Carl Lewis.


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Beau Giannini
Beau Giannini