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Over the past few decades, childhood obesity has dramatically increased. As parents and grandparents well know, putting a child on a weight loss regime isn’t easy, and neither is trying to convince an overweight kid to participate in sports and physical activity – unless it’s somehow perceived as fun.

The key to healthy children is showing them the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise by example, by incorporating good practices into your day-to-day family life. If you’re struggling to set up proper routines or you just can’t seem to break bad habits for whatever reason, a good solution may be to send your children to a weight loss camp. These retreats are available nationwide, and provide the opportunity to stay active and healthy while having fun.

There are several options for kids-only summer camps in Pennsylvania that offer weight loss programs. In this article, you’ll find some ideas to help you choose the best camp for your children, and a review of two popular weight loss summer camps.

Choosing the right weight loss program

What should you expect from a weight loss camp?

First of all, kids should learn about the importance of good nutrition, and should be trained to make healthy choices when faced with different food alternatives. The idea is to make it easier for them to know what to eat once they get back home.

Healthy food choices should be simple; usually, children are given a list of foods that may be eaten without restriction at the camp, such as fruits and vegetables, soup, fat-free yogurt and low-fat cottage cheese. Some camps also teach kids how to cook their favorite foods in a healthy, low-fat, low-calorie way, so they can create new habits and rituals around food.

Exercise is the second key factor in weight loss camps. Physical activities should be varied and fun, so that kids are happy to participate. Fitness routines can range from simple, low-impact activities such as stretching, yoga, swimming and walking, to fat-burning sessions such as water aerobics, dance classes, weight lifting, and more. Playful activities and team sports are also common at weight loss camps. Activities often include canoeing, tennis, basketball and other outdoor sports.

You should choose a weight loss program that focuses on something that your child would enjoy; for example:

  • Nutritrion and food education and cooking
  • Hands-on cooking experiences and outdoors adventures
  • Sports and fitness training

Other factors to look for are:

  • A safe weight loss eating plan that allows your kid to drop 1-2 lbs. per week
  • A program that doesn’t include pills or drugs
  • Support for the entire family

Camp Pocono Trails

Located in Reeders, PA.

Camp Pocono Trails welcomes boys and girls aged 7-19, and offers a traditional camp atmosphere, with the added benefit of an effective weight loss program.

According to the website, fun is considered an integral part of losing weight. Your children won’t feel deprived and won’t have to go through therapy sessions or clinical treatments. Instead they’ll learn how to live a healthier life by making smarter food choices, applying portion control, and engaging in physical activities. They will also learn how to build their self-esteem and will receive individualized attention to help them achieve better and longer lasting weight loss results.

Wellspring Pennsylvania

Located in Scranton, PA.

The popular program offered by Wellspring Pennsylvania is open to both boys and girls and promises a summer of fun, friends, fitness, and weight loss.

According to the website, Wellspring camps are highly successful in targeting child obesity: campers achieve significant weight loss results while having an amazingly good time, and continue losing weight even after the program ends. Wellspring camps are unique because their weight loss programs are scientifically proven and designed by top researchers and nutrition experts.


A summer camp program may be the best way to help your reluctant child lose weight, get fit, and learn new healthy habits. Talk to your child about the available options, and let he or she choose the one that’s the most appealing. Empowering your child at the decision making phase will make your child feel more motivated to follow the program. And don’t forget to make plans for when your child returns to help maintain the good results achieved during the summer.


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Beau Giannini
Beau Giannini